With a degree in Sports Psychology and over 7 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Jamie’s passion is working one to one with clients to improve theirconfidence in both their ability and body image. Her extensive knowledge and kind nature helps her empower, educate and inspire individuals to improve their lifestyles and reach their fitness goals. 

Inspired from a young age by her family, Jamie became fanatical about food. She loved testing out new recipes and cooking quickly became a passion. 
Once qualified as a Personal Trainer, Jamie felt there was a lack of exciting healthy meal choices available, so she started writing her own recipe book to give to her clients. Her take on recipes makes healthy living fun and Jamie has seen how this is a key factor for her client’s to achieve their goals and stay motivated. 

Jamie works closely with well-known companies such as Pure Gym and Muscle Food creating mouth-watering healthy recipe videos and imagery, to inspire people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Supported by a fab team(including her amazing Mam!),she creates, styles, cooksand edits the videos and imagery into top end social media content. 

On a personal level Jamie loves to challenge herself and is consistently seeking ways to improve mentally and physically. You will often find Jamie either in the weights room; she has a passion for Olympic lifting, or outdoors, seeking adventure in the Lake District. Jamie also loves swimming in open water and is addicted to travelling. And if that wasn’t enough, Jamie also DJ’s in some of Manchester’s trendiest bars and restaurants and is a resident DJ for Man City FC, playing bar grooves and house music.